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Burn 360 at Virgin Active Health Clubs


BURN 360°: the hottest way to all-round fitness

Feel the burn like never before and tone and strengthen your whole body in our exclusive new class – BURN 360°.

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PruHealth Vitality Day with Jessica Ennis-Hill


Top tips for training while pregnant

Being pregnant can be an amazing time for mothers to be and there's no reason why you should stop exercising or training during the pregnancy. Here's our top tips for staying in shape if you're expecting.

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twentyfour at Virgin Active Health Clubs


Another great HIIT for Virgin Active – twentyfour

You’ve almost certainly heard about High Intensity Interval Training – or HIIT. It’s been proven that a short burst of well-structured high-intensity exercise can be as effective for your fitness as a 60-minute jog. So it’s perfect for those who want to increase their fitness, but only have a limited time to do it.

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