Ever wanted to release your alter ego and get back in touch with your inner fierce? Well, you’ll have the perfect opportunity in 2014 with our latest group exercise class.

Fierce is brand new to the UK and is inspired by dances and rhythms from Africa.

Find your Fierce at Virgin Active

Unleash your inner Fierce with Virgin Active's new dance class for 2014.

As a class, Fierce was originally developed in 2012 by Virgin Active South Africa dance instructor Teva Scarborough.

The class is all about saying ‘yes’ to the music and letting your body move to the rhythms, all of which have been produced by one of Africa’s most influential and respected producers, Dino Moran.

Fierce founder Teva Scarborough believes the class is perfect for everyone. She says: “A lot of people believe they can’t dance if they are unable to perform the moves perfectly. If you look at traditional tribal cultures everyone is involved in the dancing.

“This is what we are bringing with Fierce; an exercise that is fun and allows you to achieve a great workout.”

So what can you expect from a Fierce class? Pretty much everything and anything by the sound of it, with natural and bold movements that work the major muscle groups for an overall body workout.

By doing natural movements like swinging, stamping, kicking, jumping and twisting, there’s a little bit of everything – ideal for body toning and working your cardiovascular system.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a dance class beginner or a seasoned pro. Because all the moves are natural, you can tailor your own involvement and just go with the flow.

Our National Group Exercise Manager, Gillian Reeves, believes the class is ideal for working out by having fun and making friends. She says: “Like Zumba, Fierce provides a social environment where people can get together and let go of all inhibitions as they exercise.

“These classes are always extremely popular as it is often within these dynamic environments where people tend to see the best fitness results.”

And those results can come on more than one level. By expressing yourself to the uplifting house music, you’ll stimulate a natural high feeling as part of the group while getting fitter. Perfect for improving your physical and psychological fitness.

We think Teva explains the nature of the class best – and she would know. She sums it up: “It’s just about you having fun with your body in the moment in the music.

“Anybody can do it.”

If its half as much fun as it sounds, we can’t wait to give it a try.

Fierce will be available initially in 21 of our UK clubs. Find out more about dance classes at Virgin Active by clicking here or practice your Fierce with some of our favourite moves.

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