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Active Matters

Oct 30 2014

The Active Inspiration campaign has been asking young girls what stands in the way of them being active. Self-consciousness, unpopular PE kits and a lack of sporting options at school have all been named. Is this something new or have girls always felt like this?

Helen Skelton staying active with Virgin Active

Oct 30 2014

I strolled along to my nearest Virgin Active to try ZUU. I was told it’s “an innovative high intensity, full-body workout based on primal movements from the natural world”. I really should have paid more attention to those words “high intensity”.

Virgin Active ZUU

Oct 17 2014

Sometimes, running is about much more than just the race. For Virgin Active member Liz Strain, it meant laying some old demons to rest – while raising money for the organisation she loves. Here she tells her story:

Liz Strain before fitness campaign at Virgin Active

Oct 09 2014

13:55 - 5 minutes until the launch. No pressure at all but this is the launch lesson of Year 5 Curwen Primary School students’ new project ‘Active Minds’ and the success of the whole project rests on Lesson 1. The students are getting changed into their P.E. kits, the hall is ready for 60 active students and the bell is about to go…

Active Minds Virgin Active