We've got a great interval speed runnning training programme, showing you how to run short and long intervals as well as how to warm up and stretch properly afterwards.

Good for:

  • increasing speed
  • improving stamina
  • cardiovascular fitness and calorie burning.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marathon runner, this is a great workout
for improving your fitness and performance.

Virgin Active member using the indoor running track

Interval speed running is good for increasing speed, improving stamina, cardiovascular fitness and calorie burning.

Based on alternating periods of higher and lower intensity, these once-weekly sessions will not only help increase leg speed, stamina and running economy, but add variety and interest to your training.

Handily, they can be undertaken on the road, the track or the treadmill – with the distance you run depending on your goals and fitness levels.

Download your copy of the Interval Speed Running Programme Guide.