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Dec 03 2012

Christmas Pudding Blow Out? What's the damage?

by Helen Billingham

OK. So we know there's no point asking you to be good over Christmas. After all that's what Christmas is about. Lying on the sofa. Fit to bursting. Reaching out for one more stuffed date (and you don't even like dates). Watching The Sound of Music on an interminable loop. The thought of exercising any more than pulling another cracker far from your mind. But don't worry. Help is at hand.

All you need is our handy guide to burning off those Christmas indulgences. Just how many spin classes do you need to do to counteract that mince pie mountain? Two portions of Christmas Pud? What's the damage? Read on to find out what extra work you need to do.

  • Your portion of Christmas Day turkey = 40 minutes fairly intense group exercise class.
  • Add on the gravy, stuffing, way too many potatoes and all the trimmings = one hour of Zumba + one hour of Body Pump should do the trick.
  • A tipple too many? = we can't help with the hangover, but for every medium glass of wine, take a 25 minute session of light work on a stationery bike.
  • Christmas pud overdose? = 25 minutes treadmill running at 10kph will shift a smallish portion of the traditional dessert.
  • Ate your way through a bar of chocolate? = a 200g slab of milk chocolate will need a good 60 minutes of challenging weight training to offset the damage.
  • Mince pie mountain? = for every mince pie a 40 minute circuit class should do the trick.

So there you have it. Build in enough time after Christmas Day to ramp up your workout and it'll be like the sofa monster never happened.

Remember, long term this sin and punishment approach is not going to work. But understanding the balance between exercise and calorie/fat intake will help you on your way to maintaining your personal gorgeousness.

*these calculations have been based on a 70kg body weight and average size portions - they will vary according to actual calorie consumption and body composition.