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Jan 15 2013

Do Something New

by Andy Gardner

The New Year is now well and truly upon us, which means we’ve all made our resolutions with a view to starting afresh and getting going. For many people that means going from doing nothing to doing something, but what about those of us who are already active and in need of a new challenge?

Well, this year could well be the year for trying something new.

Lost a load of weight last year? How about aiming for a competition or event this year such as the Virgin Active London Triathlon.

Already a regular gym-goer? Mix up your sessions with a group exercise class or two – you never know, you might just stumble across something you love.

Getting stuck in a routine is an easy trap to fall into – and one that may eventually lead to getting bored and giving up. There’s plenty of research out there that shows repetitive exercise over a long period of time can lead to a plateau in performance, which can be demoralising to anyone who enjoys improving and developing.

Try modifying your workout routine every two weeks over an eight-week period and you’ll enjoy the varying challenges of your exercise massively, which means you’ll be far more likely to stick to your plan.

This also helps your body to avoid a phenomenon known as adaption or adaptation, where your muscles effectively adapt to the strain they’re being put through to better handle the demands. Forcing your muscles to attempt new exercises encourages them to work harder and develop quicker.

In the first six weeks of 2013, we’re inviting our members to get going with something new. To help achieve this, for the first six weeks of the year, we’re promoting specific activities to showcase the facilities on offer at your club.

Ever fancied some pad work in a boxing class? Throw on some gloves and give it a go. Always wondered what goes on in a Zumba class? Now’s the time to find out.

And the real beauty of trying something new this time of year – there will be plenty of other people in the same boat as you. So no need to feel like you’re the new boy (or girl) in class.

To help keep you motivated, we’ll give you an activity card, which we’ll stamp every time you complete something like. It’s like when you get a coffee but without the caffeine.

Take part in all six activities and you’ll be in with a chance of winning a month’s free membership.

You can find out more about our classes on offer throughout January from the Fitness Coaches in your club.  



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