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Sep 27 2012

TRX – Total Resistance Exercise or Terrifyingly Rigorous Experience?

by Helen Billingham

It sits there, a big metal frame in the middle of the gym floor. Aggressive looking yellow and black straps hanging ominously from the bars. Red-faced grimacing people are suspended from it. It looks scary. And hard work. But just a little bit fun.

And I’m bored of my safe dumbbell routine. I know that by doing the same old workout, my body is getting used to it. It doesn’t have to work so hard anymore. It’s time for a change. It’s time to tackle the TRX.

So I do my research. And it really is a superb piece of kit.

Here’s five reasons why you’ll learn to love it:

Cool kit: TRX straps
  • It’s for any fitness level: it uses your own body weight to provide the resistance, and a shift of body angle or stance can lessen or increase that resistance. So it is great for beginners and easy to progress as you get stronger.
  • It’s a strength-cardio combo: the type of exercises you do on it and the simple fact that you are standing and using your own bodyweight, mean that you are having a decent cardio workout at the same time as strengthening your muscle mass.
  • It’s a multi-tasker: most of the exercises you do on the TRX will work more than one muscle group at a time, so you get a more effective workout in half the time.
  • It’s a super charged core workout: the suspension system works in a similar way to the stability ball or bosu ball, displacing your centre of gravity, so you constantly engage your core to keep your balance and achieve the movements.
  • It’s three dimensional: gym machines and simple free weight routines move you in two dimensions (forward and back), but in real life we move every which way, utilising rotation, sideways and forward and back motion. TRX mimics the way we move in real life.

Six TRX moves for a total body workout – download the workout here