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Active Matters

May 28 2014

The warm weather’s coming (believe it or not), which means it’s time to dust off the Speedos or dig out the two-piece. For a lot of us though, the winter months have done little for our movie-star bods. Luckily, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to get you looking more McConaughey and less McDonalds this summer.

Get fit for the beach at Virgin Active

Mar 15 2013

Say hello to the Wattbike - indoor cycling’s new kid on the block. Unlike actual kids though, this little baby is the one looking after you. So hop on and let science shift your training up a gear.

Innovative Watt Bike at Virgin Active Health Club

Nov 05 2012

Just signed on the dotted line? Ready to be transformed into the body beautiful? We pinpoint the five most common mistakes newbies make when joining a gym or health club for the first time. Avoid these and you are well on the way to a healthy and rewarding relationship with your Health Club.