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Indoor Triathlon

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Virgin Active Indoor Triathlon Event

Everyone can give it a tri

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All ages and fitness levels welcome!

Our awesome Indoor Triathlon is back this November - and it’s open to anyone who fancies it.

You’ll start off with a stint on the treadmill, before hitting the exercise bike and finally splashing down in the pool. The name of the game is to get fit and have fun, so it’s all about doing things at your own pace. Go hard. Go easy. It’s up to you. The only person you’re competing against is yourself. You can even bring a couple of mates along and do it as a team. So get involved and tri something a little different!

When was it? 1st-3rd Nov 2012

Choose your event

Duathlon Run Cycle If the thought of getting your hair wet is too much to take, you can forget about the pool altogether. Our dry challenge is over 2 disciplines, and perfect for those looking to test their mettle without the need for speedos or a two-piece. The only wet stuff you’ll have to deal with will be your sweat!
run cycle
Distances 2.5km 10km
Triathlon Run Cycle Swim Our Indoor Tri is just like the real thing, with the added perks of being fully supervised and all under one roof. You’ll take on the 3 testing disciplines back to back – the only quirk being that we reverse the outdoors order, so you’re not dripping all over our nice, dry clubs!
run cycle swim
Dash 1.2km 5km 200m
Supreme 2.5km 10km 400m

Tri Training

We are here to help you

Our Indoor Tri isn’t until November, but the sooner you start priming for it, the better (Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all). Luckily, we’ve created some tri-mendous training routines to lick you into shape. You can do these either in your own time or in a class with us.

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Personal Training at Virgin Active with qualified personal trainers & fitness instructors

Kids & Families

Fun for all the family, courtesy of Club-V

If your little ’uns are between 3 and 11, they can get a taste of the action with our Family Fun Indoor Tri. Forming part of our awesome Club-V Family Fun Day, this’ll be happening between 11-4pm. Details of the main event can be downloaded here, but it's not all about the competition. Join in our circuit class, family art & craft session, quiz, and splash session. Check your club for details.

Remember though, anyone who’s 10+ can take part in the 10-15 year category of the main event on the
1st-3rd November! Just as with the adults, training sessions are available for kids wanting a head start.

When was it? 4th Nov 2012
Virgin Active Indoor Triathlon - bring a friend

Bring a friend

We’re super-keen on making our Indoor Tri as inclusive as possible. So much so, that you’re free to tell all your amigos about it. Don’t worry about them not being Virgin Active members – when we say ‘everyone can give it a tri’, we really mean it. And just like you, they won’t have to pay a penny!

Participating Clubs

Each and every Virgin Active will be holding our training classes from June. When it comes to the big weekend though, you’ll need to head to one clubs below.

Please note that in addition to the clubs below, the Family Fun Day is also being held at Birmingham Broadway Plaza, Birmingham Star City, Cardiff, Clapham, Crouch End, Cwmbran, Ealing, East Dorset, Epsom, Farnborough, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hemel Hempstead, The Kensington Club, Kingston Richmond Road, Milton Keynes, Northampton Collingtree Road, Notting Hill, Rayleigh Leisure Centre, Rustington, Sheffield Millhouses, Stockley Park, Tunbridge Wells, and Wolverhampton, but won't be held at Edinburgh Omni, Islington Angel, Manchester Printworks, Medway, Merton Abbey, Mill Hill, Moorgate, Romford, or Wokingham.