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Personal Training at Virgin Active with qualified personal trainers & fitness instructors

Personal Training

Get the tailored look

We all have goals in mind when we join the gym. Working with a Personal Trainer improves your chances of achieving them.

Personal Training is quicker, safer and much more fun than working out by yourself. Our personal trainers are smart, friendly and great at motivating you to go that little bit further than you thought you could. And you can experiment with new kit, new techniques and new exercises you’d never have thought of on your own.

Find out more about Personal Training and get more out of your membership than ever.




Making your goals happen

1 Get the personal advantage

We’ll start with an in-depth assessment of your fitness and health then work out a tailored personal training plan. You’ll learn techniques for staying motivated and inspired, and your Personal Trainer will work with you, cheering you on, keeping you up when you’re feeling down and giving loads of advice on nutrition, diet and more.

2 The gym is your playground

There’s no need for the gym to be daunting. Your Personal Trainer will show you exactly what each piece of kit does and how to use it correctly so that you get the most out of it safely and effectively. You’ll also learn which pieces of kit will help you to reach your goals with the maximum benefit and the minimum of fuss.

3 Packages as unique as you are

For every iron-pumping hunk that walks through our door, there’s a workaholic who’s constantly short of time, or someone who’s just trying to get fit in their own way. So our personal training packages are designed to suit you – you can buy packs of 4, 8 or 12 one hour sessions, or 10 express half hour sessions or even in group deals 2, 3 or 4 people.

4 Easy Direct Debits

It’s always much easier to pay for your personal training than it is to do it! You can either pay for it all up front in a single payment or you can pay by direct debit each month, giving you the best value for money and making sure you always know exactly what you can get. (Three month minimum to start, renewable every month thereafter.)

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