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We love tennis at Virgin Active, and we want you to feel the same - which is why our awesome racquet membership serves up a unique set of perks.

Whatever your age, fitness or ability it's advantage you with our all-inclusive package, free group coaching with the best coaches and Tencap rating system to match players of similar ability.

But don't take our word for it - find your local club and book a tour.

The first thing we do when you join is show you the ropes, so that whenever you visit and whatever you do, it'll feel like a pleasure.

You’ve spent some time on our courts and hopefully got a taste for more - with our awesome classes and expert coaching, we can help.

Once we’ve helped take your game to dazzling new heights, why not test out your skills in the competitive arena? Membership offers you loads of exciting ways to do just this.

Whether you go full-blooded into your tennis or you just visit us for a casual hit, there’s much more to your membership than the time you spend on court.