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Compete and progress

Once we’ve helped take your game to dazzling new heights, why not test out your skills in the competitive arena?

Membership offers you loads of exciting ways to do just this – and improve your Tencap rating while you’re at it.

And when you're with us, we offer offer everything you'll ever need to improve your game. But we don't just sit back and assume you're progressing.

We actively keep an eye on your performance and results to make sure you're always at the peak of your powers.

Ready to get going?

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Getting competitive

Take on all-comers and test yourself

With a range of competitions, events and competitive sessions, our clubs offer numerous chances for you to put all your good work to the test against other members.

From our Club Compete Sessions, where we use Tencap to bring players of similar skill together for coach-led match play, to our own exciting internal Grand Slam-style Club Championships, you'll have plenty of opportunity to prove yourself on the court.

Look out for our own unique competitions too, including Sir Richard Branson's 'Richard Rules' match play tournament, where the Great Man's exclusive handicap system allows everyone to go shot-for-shot against any opposition in the club on a level playing field.

Measurement and Assessment

Giving you the recognition you deserve

Your Tencap rating gives us a constant means of seeing exactly how you're progressing. By keeping an eye on your rating, we'll always know the amount (and type) of coaching you need to keep improving.

Once a month we'll run a coaching health check for your Tencap grouping to see how you're doing. In each session, your Racquets Manager will focus on a specific technique - but if there's anything else you're having trouble with, there'll be plenty of time to get this sorted, too.

And with our ongoing internal league system, you'll see how you're faring with up-to-the-minute tables. We'll show you how well you're doing in your Tencap grouping - as well as your overall standing in the club.

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