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Getting started

The first thing we do when you join is show you the ropes, so that whenever you visit and whatever you do, it'll always feel like a pleasure.

The Racquets Manager from your club will get the ball rolling for you with an official welcome to our racquets family at your official New Members' Evening followed by your own on-court induction.

Once you're fully settled in, you can start taking part with our club social sessions where we'll pair you up with similarly talented players for 2 hours of coach-led practice or our LTA-endorsed group exercise class Cardio Tennis.

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On-court induction

Laying the foundations

Your on-court induction is the perfect introduction to Virgin Active Tennis with a 30-minute assessment from a member of our racquets team.

As well as getting you used to the feel of our courts, this’ll help lay the foundations of your membership – by letting us know what level you’re starting from. You’ll be able to ask any questions you might have, as well.

Once we’ve seen you in action and you’ve filled in our questionnaire, you’ll get your LTA rating and Tencap club rating. As your membership progresses, your Tencap score will become important.

Cardio Tennis

You don't have to be an ace

This is our LTA-endorsed group exercise class – perfect for people of any tennis ability. In 1 hour, you’ll burn up to 800 calories as you run, jump, bounce and swing around our courts to adrenaline-pumping tunes.

Cardio Tennis is the ideal session for people taking their first steps onto the court - it doesn't matter what your ability is or even whether or not you've played before; Cardio Tennis is all about having fun and getting fit - with a little racquet action thrown in for good measure.

This one’s definitely worth getting involved with.

See it for yourself by clicking here.

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