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Learn and develop

You've spent some time on a tennis court and hopefully you've got a taste for more.

With our awesome classes and expert coaching, we can help - by taking your game up through the gears to open new windows of opportunity.

Our coaching work focuses on both the technical and tactical aspects of the game. Technical coaching is all about learning the shots, while the tactical bit is all about learning when to use them.

Doing things this way ensure that your overall awareness improves - not just your shotmaking.

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Technical coaching

Tennis courts & tennis coaching at Virgin Active Health Clubs

Our one-to-one coaching sessions with a club professional last for sixty or ninety minutes - you'll be paired with the pro that best suits your ability to make sure you get the maximum benefit.

And with our Shot of the Day classes, you'll master every shot in the tennis repertoire thanks to this intense stroke-learning fast class. These sessions last for 30 minutes, with each day focusing on a new shot.

Tactical coaching

Once you've learnt the full repertoire of shots, our fantastic communal classes, which have been designed to focus on specific aspects of the game, provide an emphasis on tactical improvement.

As part of a group, you'll have the chance to practice your shots against players of similar ability and receive on-the-spot feedback from our coaches to help you perfect your match tactics.

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