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You look after your body. Exercise your taste buds too.

A healthy lifestyle is more than working out in the gym, giving it your all in a group class, or doing length after length in the pool. (Though those things are all good, obviously!) What you put in your body is vitally important to your wellbeing too. That’s why we’ve put this menu together, with its emphasis on more of the good stuff and less of the naughty stuff. (But plenty of the tasty stuff!)

Download our 2014 core menu
• Download our 2014 kids menu

Example menus only - menus vary by club

Average daily calories

As a rule of thumb, men should aim for around 2,500 calories a day, and women around 2,000. Think of the ways we have of burning them off in the club!


They sometimes get a bad press, but without them, you’d have no energy. The best carbs are the ones found in fresh fruit and veg. You’re in luck eating here then.

Fat lot of good

We actually need some fat in our diet as a source of energy. Just keep an eye on how much you’re taking in – you are what you eat, remember!

The Ivy Suite at Virgin Active Lancashire

The Fairway Suite

We'll get your party started

Planning on holding an event in the near future? We can offer the perfect location for events and occasions of all sizes with an unrivaled and spectacular backdrop and a beautiful venue.

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What are proteins for?

Metabolism, digestion, blood oxidation, repairing muscles, skin, hair, nails and bones. Things you don’t really want to think about while you’re eating. Sorry.


It fuels you up for the day ahead. We've got everything to set you up for the day from a simple slice of toast to a sumptuous full breakfast. Try our breakfast smoothie: deliciously filling and counts as one of your five-a-day.

Build your Own

Healthy options galore – you can’t go wrong. Just pick one protein, one carb and one vitamin, then tell us how you fancy spicing it all up. Whatever combo you go for, we’ll cook it freshly for you - in a portion size of your choice. Enjoy!

Bowl of pasta: Healthy eating tips from the professionals

For hungry little tums

Our kids menu is packed full of satisfying healthy goodies for kids. We've got a build-your-own section and much of our menu selection is from Miniscoff - made with high quality natural organic ingredients.

From our Blog

If you are interested in food and how it helps you get the best out of your workout, have a read of some of our articles and blog posts.

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The computer stations at Virgin Active

Free surfing (no boards required)

Keep up with your emails, top up your social status or check out the news at our free, fast wireless Internet stations.


Free WIFI at Virgin Active

Free Wi-Fi access in every club

All our clubs offer free wi-fi connection to the Internet, so you can surf while you work up a sweat.

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