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Not just for kids

All our swimming pools have time set aside for adult length swimming or scheduled, structured classes to help you improve your stroke and increase your speed in the pool.

Whether you're looking to simply improve your confidence in the water in time for the summer or if you're heavily into training for your next triathlon, building swimming into your fitness plans can pay off big time.

Regular swimming training can provide huge benefits to your cardiovascular exercise plans and in a way that won't hurt your bones or joints - the beauty of swimming is that the water supports your weight, meaning you'll avoid those painful contact injuries that might otherwise hold you back.

And by using muscles you probably didn't even know you had, you'll be tested in a wide range of new ways, to perfectly complement your structured exercise goals.

Adult Training

Virgin Active Triathlon: swimming event

Part of your Programme

Build swimming into your overall training regime for any sporting goals. Expect an intermediate to advanced level for swimmers looking to improve technically whilst developing their fitness levels in the pool.


Swim Better: tips from the professionals

Keep abreast of your strokes with the latest innovation for swimmers.

Storing data on lengths, splits, strokes and stroke type, Swimtag allows members to store all their own personal data for each session before uploading their info and checking their results.

Ideal for comparing your performance to your own previous efforts or monitoring your development, Swimtag could help you improve your technique and achieve new personal bests.

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