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Virgin Active Health Club Northampton Swimming Pool

Indoor Pools

Go with the flow

Whether you're looking for somewhere to relax or somewhere to learn and train, swimming pools at Virgin Active Health Clubs offer the perfect environment plus a wide range of lessons and classes.

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles, increase your fitness and tone your body without putting any stress on your joints. It's also great for relaxation and keeping the kids amused.

We have a range of swimming activities - from our fully accredited swim school for kids, to Aqua Zumba. We offer a variety of pools from 17m to 25m, indoor and outdoor, plunge pools, and even bubble pools.

All our pools are supervised by lifeguards, heated and treated to maintain the very highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

Do it outdoors

Virgin Active Classic Helath Club Chiswick Riverside Swimming Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor swimming pools

Build in the great outdoors to your workout. Many of our clubs have heated outdoor swimming pools so you can exercise in the fresh air or simply relax by the pool in the sun.

Do it together

Aqua Zumba aerobic classes at Virgin Active health clubs

Aqua Group Exercise

Group water exercise is a great way to build strength and cardio fitness. It is a total no-impact workout and so is particularly useful to those who need to protect their joints. But the water resistance and different work out environment, means it is great for anyone and lots of fun too.

Do it for fun

Swimming Crash Courses at Virgin Active Health Club

Serious Smiles

It doesn't have to be all work and no play. In addition to our fantastic facilities for leisure swimming, we offer a wide range of fun course and classes, including SwimTag, Mini Polo and even Snorkelling. There's definitely something for everyone.

Classes near you

Find out where your nearest zumba class is.