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Active Aces

Everyone's a winner

Kids' tennis

Our programme is specially designed to inspire a generation and created in conjunction with the LTA to appeal to 3-11 year olds. Young ones start by using big sponge balls and small racquets, and progress through a series of colour coded levels until they are serving and volleying with confidence. 

Our experts coach kids from tots to 11 in all aspects of the game with the right mix of fun and finding out. Meeting other kids, improving balance, agility and working as a team builds self-esteem way beyond the tennis court. It's a fantastic way for kids to discover tennis and be active, whatever their ability. 

Virgin Active Tennis

The low down

Q. What age can a child start Active Aces?

We welcome children from three years old. Bring them along and we'll ensure they have loads of fun, stay active and learn a few shots along the way. There’s no pressure, we believe the more fun kids have the more they learn.

Q. What do the colour levels mean?

They help your child see how they’re progressing. Kids generally start on the red band and work their way through the orange, green and yellow colours by achieving various goals along the way.

Q. Can a child skip a colour level?

Yes, the programme is designed to be totally flexible, so levels can be bypassed altogether. We carefully match the programme to each child’s ability.

Q. When do they progress to junior level?

As soon as they reach age 10, kids automatically become Junior Active Aces. When they are 12, they join the Junior Tennis programme. And whatever their age or ability, they get the very best coaching every fun filled session.

Q. What's the word on Active Aces?

Sir Richard Branson: “We will focus on encouraging young people into the sport.”
Laura Robson: “There will be more opportunities for British youngsters.”
Gary Stewart, UK Head of Racquets: “We want to inspire higher levels of activeness.”