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Calorie Calculator

What is a calorie?
Calories measure how much energy is in food. Balancing how much we eat with how much we burn helps maintain a healthy weight.
What if I want to lose weight?
Eating less and being more active will help you lose weight. Combining and continuing these lifestyle changes also enables you to keep the pounds off. An average man needs 2,500 calories and an average woman needs 2,000 calories a day to maintain a stable weight.
Read the labels
Knowing the calorie and fat content of food can help you eat a more balanced healthy diet. Calorie content is expressed in kcals or kilocalories while the metric version is written in kJ or kilojoules.
Burn calories
Being more active and making healthier food choices is the basis for weight loss. But how many calories you burn each day depends on many things including your gender, size and age.

It's important to keep a balanced approach to losing weight and take things steadily. Normally a drastic reduction in calorie intake is not healthy unless you're on a medically supervised weight loss programme. 
For further advice, please consult your health practitioner.

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