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Waist Hip Ratio

What body shape are you?
Knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a good start to discovering if you’re a healthy weight. But there’s another measurement that will also help add to the picture: your waist to hip ratio.

What’s the fuss about waist to hip ratio?
Spare body fat is stored under our skin and around the abdomen’s organs. Doctors know that fat stored around the tummy has more health consequences and is more likely to cause heart disease than fat on the thighs or bottom. People with more tummy fat are called apple shapes and those with more thigh and bottom fat are pear shapes.
What’s your waist to hip ratio?
Measure your waist – Stand up, relax then measure the narrowest part of your abdomen, usually around your belly button.

Measure your hips – Still standing, measure the largest part around your hips, usually just below your bottom cheeks. 

Remember: Don’t pull the tape tight around your waist and hips or you won’t get a proper reading.
What the numbers mean
A ratio over 1.0 for men or over 0.85 for women suggests there’s more weight around your middle than is ideal which can cause health problems.
Increasing your activity and modifying your diet will help reduce your waist – hip ratio while also benefitting your health in other ways. Moving more makes your heart, lungs and circulation stronger and gives you more energy.
For more advice please contact your health practitioner.

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