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Beat Gymtimidation

Stepping into the gym is like being the new kid in school. You’re thrilled and terrified in equal measure and not quite sure where you fit in. Seeing someone lift twice their bodyweight, or running 10k without breaking a sweat, can be more than a little intimidating for the uninitiated – so here's how to feel confident when you step into your new playground.

Beat Gymtimidation

21 days to feel it

Helping you get that amazing feeling ­– whether it’s energised, exhilarated, or totally relaxed – is our mission. And we want to help make it happen every day, not just every so often. So, how do you create the long-lasting habits which means you can Go There again and again?


Why you need forrest yoga

Jambo Truong is a Forrest Guardian, what does that mean and how can it make your desk chair more comfortable?

Sitting Pretty

How to make the most out of your cycle workout

If you like to sculpt, tone and burn calories in our group cycle class The Pack, then you’ll know just how effective the supercharged workout can be.

Make the most of your cycle workout

How to get Tough Mudder ready

Tough Mudder, isn’t known as one of the toughest events on the planet for no reason.

Get Tough Mudder ready

HIIT your summer body

Long summer nights are very nearly upon us and the vortex of winter that has engulfed us all for months has dissipated and paved way to the seasons we favour the most.

HIIT your summer body

Go There in 60

Fast lifestyles, sprint workouts and an impetus on the immediate have left our gym time moving as fast as we do. Even so, if your circuit-strengthening has stalled or your progress on the treadmill is slowing down, then take the hint and do so yourself.

It’s what you’re not doing that is holding you back.

Go There in 60

Go There in 45

Getting that Go There feeling in 45 minutes means maximising your time and using a few tips to minimising time spent changing around equipment. That’s why this is super simple stuff – take a barbell, start big and take off weight – it will really help you raise the bar.

Go There in 45
Skillmill treadmill at Virgin Active

Your 30 minute Metcon Workout

Nothing quite comes close to metabolic conditioning when it comes to burning calories and getting fit – fast. But you don't need to fret if you can't make it to a class. All you need is a treadmill and an iron-will.

Go There in 30
Gym Floor at Virgin Active

Global Wellness Movement

Global Wellness Day, taking place 11th June this year, is a social movement to raise awareness and drive participation in all activities which promote our individual and collective wellness.

Discover global wellness movement

First Time: Lifting Weights

When you first start pumping iron, not knowing what you are doing can really weigh heavy on the mind. But weight training is rippling with benefits – increased strength, health and fat burn to name a few. Try this workout to lighten the load.

First Time: Lifting Weights
Iron Zuu at Virgin Active

Failure is an Option

We're excited to launch Iron ZUU, a revolutionary new workout that combines heavy lifts with primal moves.

Discover Iron Zuu

Exercise your way to productivity

We all know the impact that regular exercise can have on the body, but aside from the physical changes, there’s another huge benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Exercise your way to productivity

Easter workout plan

Feel eggcellent this Easter

With the chocolate eggs looming it’s hard not to indulge this bank holiday weekend. But don’t worry about it, you deserve a weekend treat.

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