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The most important aspect of health is how you’re fuelling your body, which is why we've created a unique diet code that gives your body the fuel and nutrients it needs to perform and recover after your workouts.

Read on to discover more about nutrition, recipes and how to fuel your fitness.

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Spinach and Kale Falafel with Bulgur Wheat, Chickpea and Red Pepper Salad with Basil Crème Fraiche

Want to know a little more about the ingredients used in our delicious plant-based salad?  Read on to get the lowdown of just a few of the nutrition-packed ingredients that feature in this dish.


Harissa roast salmon with orzo pasta, red rice & fire roasted peppers, honey mustard dressing

Right on time for summer, our chefs have created this humdinger of a dish for you that is packed with quality ingredients, carefully selected not only for their flavours and textures but also for their nutritional credentials. Read on for just some of the nutritional highlights that this dish can bring to your day. 

Wow, wow, wow

Athlete seasonal vitalicious juice recipe

Summer is here and at athleat we have sunshine on a glass with our seasonal vitalicious juice – fun in the sun.


Athlete seasonal vitalicious juice recipe

Get your Daily Dose of fresh fruits and vegetables to make the most of your summer.


Halloumi, asparagus and broad bean salad

This delicious seasonal salad is bursting not only with flavour, but also with nutritious ingredients to help support a healthy active lifestyle. This salad contains all the ‘macros’- protein, carbs and fats as well as essential vitamins and minerals. 

You make friends with salad

Vitalicious Juice Recipe – Summer Cooler

This super tasty Vitalicious juice is a refreshing blend of fruit and vegetables providing a natural source of potassium which contributes towards healthy nerves and muscles and helps maintain good blood pressure!

Cool cucumber

Recipes to get your christmas protein hit

Christmas is delicious. For consistent indulgence, no other time of the year comes close. But you would be hard pressed to argue that any of it was nutritious. These recipes should help with that.


Winter Warmers

Wouldn't it be great if we could use normal, naturally occurring ingredients to help boost metabolism (daily energy expenditure) and aid fat loss? Well by making some small changes to your diet you can! 

Discover The winter warmers

Surprising Superfoods

Avoid the hype and boost your wellness with these unsung superfood heroes. 

Neat eats

Pulled Pork Flatbread

Pork slow-roasted until the meat falls into tender strands, wrapped in flatbreads and covered in a lemony sauce, it's light but delicious spring food.

You've Pulled

Low Carb Scone with Honey Crème Fraiche and Chia Seed Compote

You can indulge in this British classic safe in the knowledge that it has fewer carbs but all the flavour. Indulge in the start of spring.

Scone Quickly

Healthy Breakfast Feast

Although you should never stray too far from the classics, a few emissions can turn a quintessential weekend staple into a well-rounded start to the day.

Fuel English Breakfast

Lean Sausage and Purple Mash with Kale and Broccoli

Spending a bit more time on your spuds and tending to the trimmings takes the regular bangers and mash up a notch.

A Mash Up

low calorie cocktails to enjoy this summer

Alcoholic drinks, especially saccharine cocktails, are usually laced with hidden sugar and calories. Beat the sweet and indulge a little with these lighter options.

Whiskey diet

Coconut Pancakes with Papaya & Macadamia Butter

Let these coconut pancakes fuel your day with more protein and fewer carbs than your average 'cake. Macadamia nuts are a great source of healthy fats too.

Pancake Day Made

Beetroot & Cherry Pancakes

Shake up what you know about pancakes with this number in pink. Packed with nutrient-rich beetroot, why only enjoy pancakes once a year?

Beet treats

Wakeup your fitness routine with coffee

Making sure your body is properly fuelled can be a real grind. But if you really want to give your workout the beans you need to park the pre-workout and get better acquainted with your barista. 


Rump Steak Stir-Fry

The go-to for any gym-goer stretched for time. With a host of iron-rich veggies and one of the best sources of protein and healthy fats, this steak stir-fry is a quick-fire way to make the most of an evening meal.

high-protein steaks

The only recipes you need for a healthy spring BBQ

The weather is cold, it’s raining, but that never stopped us cooking outdoors. At least stay healthy while you do.

Le Grille

Cookie Love

Treat your loved one, and yourself, with this deliciously gooey cookie.

Lovely Stuff

The Best Protein Powders for Women

With one in four people in the UK now consuming sports nutrition products, protein powders have become a store-cupboard staple – and women are taking note.

Fuel the Fire

Pulled Pork Burger

Whilst we don't advocate digging your own pig-sized BBQ pit for this all-American classic, you can get incredible flavour with a a little liquid smoke. Served with pickles in a brioche bun, this burger is a sure-thing when it comes to tasty food.

Little Porkies

Paleo Apple Pie

Foods that are healthy, nutritious and unprocessed should be at the core of any diet. So this paleo apple pie not only celebrates centuries of pastry but takes things back to our primal roots as well.

Easy As

Soulsaver Breakfast Bar

The complete bar – it contains low-GI carbs, healthy fats and protein, plus is a great source of many of the micronutrients that are vital for a productive day.

Bar None

Super-Green Candy Salad

With super ingredients like disease-fighting mangoes and slow-release quinoa to fuel long training sessions, this candy salad is the perfect way to rejig your resolutions in a mid-January slump. 

Super Food

Chicken Noodle Tom Yum Thai Broth

Packed with immunity-boosting ingredients, this dish is perfect to help fend off colds and flu. For an extra kick, add as much fresh chilli as you like.

Flu Fighting Food

Turkey Courgetti Bolognese

Delicious, healthy, and an excellent way to use the last of your left-over Christmas turkey. After a festive feast the light and fresh courgetti will be just what you need.

Left-overs delight

Beef & Beetroot Pie

Perfect for the cold weather and a welcome break from traditional Christmas fare, this dish with seasonal veggies and a healthy dose of spice is truly a winter warmer.

Beef and Beetroot Pie

Your Soulmate Food Christmas Guide

Tips, tricks and recipes, just in time for the party season!

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Chocolate Mug Cake

What could be simpler – mix tasty stuff, eat tasty stuff. When your'e pressed for time over this busy period you don't want to have to work too hard for your chocolate fix, and with this microwave mug cake you're literally cooking by numbers.

Cocoa Mug Cake

Alkaline Pie

Nothing quite says comfort food like home-cooked pastry, and with a few Mediterranean flourishes this unique dish will warm you up more than most. With beetroot and high-protein almond flour this pie will help fuel your winter training as well as fill you up.

Christmas Chia

Mince Pie Bites

It's easy to overindulge over the Christmas period and the run-of-the-mill mince pie is one of the most persistent offenders. These mince pie bites take all the goodness of the holiday staple and unwrap the pastry for a healthier take. With plenty of protein, these are a strong contender for your new favourite treat.

Bite of Christmas

Open a real can of worms

Convincing someone of the importance of post-workout protein to aid their recovery and growth is easy. But persuading them that the best way to do it is to forgo the steak and tuck into a bowl of crispy critters is far more difficult.

Discover Insect Protein

Fingers on the Pulse

It’s well known that fitness and protein go hand in hand. It repairs your muscles and promotes growth like nothing else, but vegans have to be a little more creative when it comes to getting theirs. Tempted to cut the meat for World Vegan Day? Here’s how.

Fit, Strong and Vegan

Ghoulish Green Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to help your little monsters get enough fruit and veg. This delicious recipe packs in two of their five a day per glass – and even hides a portion of vitamin and iron-rich spinach.

Ghoulish Smoothie

Pumpkin Swirl Protein Brownies

These soft and gooey brownies are not just for kids. Packed with 15g of protein per slice, you can enjoy them as a post-workout snack as well as a tea-time treat.

Pumpkin Brownies

Pumpkin and Vanilla Sorbet Pops

These unique treats bring a pop of excitement to Halloween that's far tastier than any trick or treat sweet.

Pumpkin & Vanilla Pops

Iron Zuu Protein Pancakes

These simple but delicious pancakes, packed full of protein are the perfect way to rebuild your muscles after an Iron ZUU workout

Protein pancakes recipe

Delivered To Your Desk

If abs really are made in the kitchen, then grabbing a pre-packaged sandwich to eat at your desk might not be the recipe for success - nor will it power you through one of our high intensity Grid classes after a long day at work.

Delivered to your desk

Quinoa Freekeh Asparagus Salad

If  you are aiming to squeeze as much out of your training as possible, then you need to nail your nutrition before (fuelling), during (hydration) and after (recovery).

Discover the Recipe

Father's Day Recipes

We've teamed up with Soulmatefood to help you get creative in the kitchen for Fathers Day this weekend. Spoil your Dad with these great recipes. 

Treat Dad this Fathers day

Match your fuel to your fitness

Breakfast, we know it’s the most important meal of the day so we’ve teamed up with our friends at Soulmatefood to bring together three breakfast/workout combos. 

Discover your fuel
Barre classes at Virgin Active

Workout Nutrition

 What you eat on a daily basis may help with concentration levels and promote alertness during your Barre, powered by Bootybarre, class

Discover Barre Nutrition

Mocktails and hydration

Your lifestyle is bound to be pretty hectic and cooking fresh vegetables may be difficult, try juicing your veg and fruit, and drink them for a quick and easy hit of vitality.

Discover Mocktails and Hydration

Seize the lunch hour

Don't have time to work out? We feel you. Lucky for you we've put together some workouts using HIIT (High Intensity Training)

Discover HIIT in your lunch hour

Beach Body Guide

It might have felt like it was never going to happen, but finally... summer is well on it’s way! Check out our guide to getting the perfect beach body.

Beat the bloat

Follow these 5 easy tips on how to keep a flat stomach and prevent bloating while on holiday.

Discover Beat the bloat

The Good, The Bread, and The Ugly

Let’s break down bread and look at its nutritional properties from several angles.

Discover Good bread

Swimming Nutrition Advice

If you are aiming to squeeze as much out of your training as possible, then you need to nail your nutrition so you feel good inside and out. 

Discover Swimming Nutrition Advice

Eat like a pro: rugby

Although the Rugby World Cup is now in full flow, the physical and mental preparations will have begun many months ago.

Discover how to eat like a pro

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