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Read Stephanie Cantelo's top tips on tracking - and feeling - results. Find Stephanie at Virgin Active Tower Bridge.

The stresses of daily life can mean that we don't always feel like we have enough time to workout, but did you know that just a 20-minute workout per day can boost your endorphins (happy hormones), improve overall health, increase productivity and reduce stress levels.

Perhaps you have a favourite TV programme that you like to watch after work. You don’t have to choose between that and a workout. Our cardio equipment links to live TV, so you can plug in your headphones and watch Hollyoaks while you get your heart working.

If you are unable to leave the office or get to the gym, you could even perform some simple exercises at your desk. To get your body moving and your pulse raising in your office try performing 15 body weight squats, 15 press ups, 16 alternating bodyweight lunges or hold a plank for a minute.

If you’d prefer to be a bit more discreet, you could swap out your desk chair for a swiss ball for a few hours a day to work on your core and posture, or buy yourself a resistance band and play around with some bicep curls and leg exercises.

Kids keeping you busy? Children are full of energy so why not go and play in the park together, find a new hobby or sport you can both take part in, or do a home bodyweight workout together. Set some great examples while enjoying some quality time.

Remember, it’s not all about physique – being active day to day is essential for looking after your overall health, including your heart, bones and mind. 

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