Grid Floor

grid training

Grid Training is our signature functional training programme designed by sporting experts. Build strength and stamina with dumbbells and kettlebells. Get your heart pumping with a range of cardiovascular equipment and bodyweight movements to boost your speed and agility. This powerhouse full body workout will challenge you, whatever your level of fitness or experience. Expect a high intensity, endorphin-surging workout that's been developed by a team of talented instructors to make it accessible for everyone.

dumbbells and kettlebells

Our Grid Training floors have a full range of dumbbells and kettlebells to ensure you can always push yourself to new limits while training. In our Grid Training classes, our expert coaches will get you swinging, squatting, pressing and pulling to better strength, stability and stamina. These are the ‘tools of the trade’ for Grid Training, and will elevate your fitness to the next level.

cardio equipment

Ski-Ergs, Rowers, Assault Bikes and Skill Mills. You'll find them all on the Grid floor and they’ll help you to build better cardio endurance. When it comes to Ski-Erg, think upright rowing. This full- body movement challenges even the elite athlete. Rowing machines aren’t just for a slow cruise – try them in interval training and get fit fast! If you’ve never tried an Assault Bike before, you’re in for a treat. Short high intensity sprints will be the ultimate test of your fitness. On the Skill Mills or self-propelled curve treadmills, you are the motor and you set the pace for your training. (High intensity intervals are easy when there are no buttons for increasing and decreasing speed.) They're also great for quick transitions during group training.


On the gym floor or in the pool. Find things you want to do, in the places you want to do them.

Explore Moorgate

Swim, punch, row, spin, thrash, lunge, lift. There are two floors of fit here for you to explore – before work, on your lunchbreak, on your walk to the tube home. Plus a light, bright café and envy-inducing changing rooms.

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