Yoga Iyengar

Yoga that focuses on perfecting your poses and aligning your body properly. 
You’ll be stronger, longer and more flexible.


Stability · Soul


60 - 0 Minutes

Duration - opt 1

What is Yoga Iyengar?

Yoga, precisely. You’ll practise the poses you know but with extra time to perfect each one. Belts, blocks and props will help you align your body and push your poses further. Wherever possible, the room will be heated to help deepen your stretches. 

Why do Yoga Iyengar?

It stretches your whole body and eases stiffness.
It calms you down. 

You’ll be stronger and more flexible.

Little fact:

B.K.S Iyengar was still practising yoga for 4 hours a day at the age of 90; 3 hours of poses, and an hour of breathing exercises. 

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