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You might be wondering

What makes us different?

Three things. And you’ll notice them every time you glide through the doors to your club.

Always Innovative

When you join Virgin Active, you’ll find revolutionary equipment and take only the most cutting-edge classes, like reconditioning and strength training with ViPR.

Especially when you meet our staff

True Expertise

The instructors you’ll meet know exercise inside out and back to front.

So set your goals as high as you like.

And they’re not just for grown-ups

Family fun

You and your family will feel at home in our clubs across the country. We have something for everyone in your family, including fitness programmes, extensive swim lessons and a variety of activity camps.


Always innovative

The newest of the new

From the most modern equipment to the latest and greatest classes, everything at Virgin Active is fresh out of the lab, so you can refresh your routine as often as you like.

The club experience

The equipment and facilities you’ll use are the very latest in technical know-how. And they’ll make your workout experience even better.

The collection

The Virgin Active Collection is the world’s leading luxury health club network, comprised of 11 of our best clubs in the UK and around the world, that were designed to provide a truly personalised and inspiring experience. From innovative equipment, to special touches like free coffee or kit you can borrow, we strive to make every club your home away from home.

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Using gravity and body weight as resistance, move away to increase or decrease the load on your body. Great for beginners and easy to progress, TRX develops strength, power, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility and core stability. It also makes you feel tough.

Learn more about TRX

Woodway curve

A world first, this clean, green streamline machine powered only by your own determination burns 30% more calories and feels like you’re running outdoors.

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Discover classes

Our classes bring you the latest and greatest in exercise and wellbeing, inspired by the smartest minds in fitness from across the globe.



Flexibility. Movement. Speed. Take your fitness to the next level by lunging, bending and twisting your way to a leaner, meaner and more agile you. All within geometric squares on The Grid floor, for a focused and fun physical challenge. Learn to move, the tough way.

Learn More about The Grid

Mudder maker

Tough Mudder is ‘probably the toughest event on the planet’ but Mudder Maker gets you ready for everything. In just 45 minutes conquer 11 obstacles at your own level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. There’s swamp crawl, battle run, eliminator and a little electric shock therapy to show we mean business.

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Some things are meant to be together: like Yoga and Pilates united at last and renamed Nova. Exclusive to Virgin Active, discover the bendy best from Yoga and terrific toning from Pilates - stretch, flex and strengthen back, legs and glutes to upbeat motivating music. Fast and fluid, forget frustrations and get control of your core - balance your body.

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True expertise

The best of the best

We only employ the brightest, most qualified instructors to help create a health and fitness experience that's designed entirely around you.

Feel good gurus

Proactive. Enthusiastic. Passionate. Our fitness instructors are the best in the business, always available to provide the expertise and support you need to get confident, motivated and ready to soar.


Discovery lab

Featuring a panel of health and fitness professionals, our lab pioneers the latest industry trends, inviting you to trial new products and get expert advice.

Peace of mind

When your little ones are having fun, rest assured they’re in safe hands with our specialist, Ofsted, CSSIW, SSSC and HCT registered facilities.


Enjoy the freshest and tastiest food to fuel a healthy lifestyle, all designed by top nutritionists and chefs who have catered to the Olympic Village and helped energise top athletes.

Discover Soulmatefood

Family fun

The first for families

Our clubs are designed with all of your family in mind, from classes to lessons and lessons to creches, all in a safe and fun environment.

Fit through the ages

Discover how Virgin Active can inspire all of your family, from tiny toddlers all the way through to teenagers.

Active Crew

Our health and fitness programme for 8-15 year olds is a term-long course that uses the latest training techniques and innovative equipment to improve your child’s strength, ability and core fitness.

Learn more about Active Crew


You can leave your children aged 6 weeks to 4 years in our inspectorate registered facilities while you workout or relax in the spa. Your little ones are in safe and qualified hands with us.

Family swim

Bring the whole family together for loads of swimming fun. Our fabulous heated pools ensure that parents and children can enjoy lessons, or swimming together, all while getting some exercise.

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