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Physiotherapy – Reformer Pilates – Sports Massage

Beyond Movement

Introducing our brand new suite of treatment rooms and Pilates studios to help liberate and reform your body, courtesy of Virgin Active

Available to members and non-members

Life is movement. From dancing around your living room to running around with the kids, hiking up the stairs to climbing Ben Nevis, it runs through virtually everything we do.

And we never want to see you stop, not on our watch. After all, activeness is in our DNA. Aches, pains, tensions – life is full of them, and when they strike they can take a massive toll on your professional, private and social life. We’re here to help you relieve your body from injury, stiffness and pain. Our work is both remedial and preventative, which means we don’t just deal with existing damage, we seek to strengthen and improve your body’s resistance to future injury.

Being a health club means we already know a thing or two about movement.

Our unique performance and rehabilitation service has physiotherapists, sports massage therapists and Reformer Pilates instructors working together as one team, delivering focused, optimised treatment that’s personal to you.  Armed with the latest technologies, they’ll restore you back to your life as quickly as possible, and without the lengthy waiting lists.

What is Beyond Movement? A suite of dedicated treatment rooms and studios offering physiotherapy, sports massage and Reformer Pilates to liberate and reform your body – courtesy of Virgin Active.

Why should I be interested? Our trained therapists reduce & prevent pains, alleviate tension and aid recovery after injury. Because we’re a health club, our extensive range of equipment often feature in our assessments and treatment processes. 

How do I make my appointment? You can book either in person or over the phone. We’re open both to members and non-members. If you’re insured, you’ll need your authorisation number from the insurance company, and possibly a referral letter from your GP or consultant.

Beyond Movement is now available in three clubs:

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Life’s too short to spend living with aches and pains. Take back control as quickly and efficiently as possible with help from our skilled physiotherapists. They’ll get you back on your feet and restore you to your natural movements without the lengthy waiting lists.

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Reformer Pilates

A Reformer Pilates class provides all the benefits of traditional mat-based Pilates, but with extra intensity and challenge.

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Sports Massage

We’ve all taken things a little too far sometimes. You feel it the next day – a triumphant reminder of all your hard work and determination. It’s what brings you closer to your goals, and it’s what keeps you coming back for more.

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