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Being a junior member is a big deal at Virgin Active. We have a rainbow of activities kids love where they can learn new skills, make friends and feel more confident.

All classes, games and activities are supervised by our qualified childcare or coaching staff who have been DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checked. We’re also regulated in England by Ofsted, Scotland the Scottish Social Services Council, Northern Ireland the Health Care Trust and Wales the Care & Social Services Inspectorate.

Take a look below to see the activities your little ones could enjoy as part of their Junior Membership.

Active Alley Aces

Active Alley Aces is a programme built with and endorsed by the LTA. These sessions are tennis themed sessions for children age group from 2-11yrs to 2-7yrs, delivered by Club-V staff within Active Alleys. Sessions include basic agility, balance and coordination exercises with a focus on fun. These sessions are available inclusively as part of you child’s membership.

Active Creation

Active Creations sessions are exactly that! These sessions will encourage your children to be creative through arts, crafts, story telling, themes, games and much, much more. Creativity is an important part of social and childhood development. These sessions are designed to help your children explore their imagination and creativity through many different methods.

Active Dance

Dance in association with Imovesdance.com is a programme that will inspire your children to be more active through dance and movement to music. Each session is based around rhythmand beat and the principles of movement and dance (travel, jump, turn, balance, levels and gesture). The modern themes and styles engage both boys and girls and build in to a performance each week, promoting fun, active learning and achievement.

Active Games

Active Games Classes are aimed at our 3-11yr  old members. These sessions include games that will be tailored to the specific age group of children. From playground games to parachute games, hula hoop and bean bag games, team games to races… These sessions are completely versatile and children will have a creative input to develop games throughout.

Active Mash Up

Our Active Mash up class is a fun free-play class. This class will be structured with activities and games, sports and creativity. The classes are a combination of our other classes and may also incorporate some of our additional technological games. A fun class designed by the children who attend the session. Structured by our Club V team, designed by your children.

Active Sports

Active Sports Classes are made up of sports to encouraging Team and Individual play with an element of competition. Sports can include football, basketball, netball, kwik cricket, rounder’s, dodgeball, hockey and touch rugby. All our sports classes are suitable and tailored for the age group being delivered to with education, fun and social skills in mind.

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