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Sports Massage at Beyond Movement

Barbican Kensington Strand

We’ve all taken things a little too far sometimes. You feel it the next day – a triumphant reminder of all your hard work and determination. It’s what brings you closer to your goals, and it’s what keeps you coming back for more.

Get into sports massage with our introductory packages:

member | two 30min sessions £60 | two 60min sessions £100

non-member | two 30min session £76 | two 60min session £128

At Virgin Active, we already know a thing or two about movement. Regular massage is essential to training and recovery, helping to reduce fatigue, swelling and muscle tension while promoting greater flexibility. Our trained therapists will help you release tension and relieve pain by using massage therapy to mobilise the soft tissue in order to improve performance and prevent injury.

Not only that, it can also restore musculoskeletal imbalances, complementing the rehabilitation provided by the physiotherapist.

You’ll speed up the healing process and significantly reduce any discomfort by loosening up your muscles to eliminate cramping, tearing, bruising and pain.

No matter what you’ve been up to, a good sports massage offers relief from pain and helps you relax.  You’ll be increasing your range of movement, removing toxins and improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue.

Booking couldn’t be easier – either drop by in person or make your appointment over the phone. We’re open to both Virgin Active members and non-members. You can get information on prices here.