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Badminton Courts

Speeds of 200mph make badminton the world's fastest racquet sport but whether you’re fast and furious or just want to have fun, our 60 badminton courts keep you on your toes. 

Don’t worry about reserving court time either with easy booking up to seven days ahead. We’ve got leagues that push you, tournaments that fire you up and social events that help you kick back and relax.

From absolute beginners to seasoned pros, our expert coaches are on hand for tactics, tips and encouragement that leave you inspired. You’ll get fitter too. 

Play badminton with us – it’s a game changer. 

Take the shuttle


It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you’ve picked up a racquet or you’ve played forever, our classes will help you improve and move better around the court. Run by our friendly expert coaches, burn calories, build stamina and have a ball mastering your slice, stroke and serve.


Keep on your toes with free group coaching from our talented experts. Build up your confidence in a friendly atmosphere, learn new techniques and specialist tactics whether you’re just starting out or are a natural on court. Climb up the ranks and drill down on all aspects of your game.


Focus on your game whenever you want and book one of our 60 badminton courts up to a whole week ahead. From Berkshire to Brighton, Norfolk to Northwood we make it so easy to start playing. And we’ve got everything you need to fly high in competitions, knockabouts and leagues.


Learn the basics or take your game to the next level with coaching from our inspirational experts who have the experience and know-how to make a difference to the way you play. From assessing your strengths to analyzing your shots - they’ll create a personal programme that’s right on target.

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