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The toughest event on the planet

We’re proud to be the official health club and training partner to Tough Mudder for the second year running. The legendary 10-12 mile course is packed full of crazy obstacles, from ‘Birth Canal’ to ‘Electroshock Therapy’ and ‘Arctic Enema’ (they don’t call it ‘the world’s toughest event’ for nothing). And at Virgin Active, we’ll provide you with just the training you need to take it on in all its filthy, muddy, delirious glory.

Mudder Maker 2.0, one of our toughest classes to date, is exclusive to Virgin Active and has been specifically designed to push Mudders-in-training to their physical and mental max ahead of the upcoming Tough Mudder event season. Newly evolved for the 2016 season, the class is not just for Mudders, but also for those looking to push their training to the next level of toughness.

If you’re a team training kind of person, joining the Tough Mudder Tribe in club could be for you. You’ll train and compete in the live event as a team as well as receiving exclusive member discounts and privileges for the live event.

Prefer to train on your own? No problem, we’ve developed 3,2 and 1 month training plans as well as a specific obstacle training guide to get you ready for the course.

Not a member but want to train with us? If you’ve already signed up to an event, our Mudder Memberships are the perfect way to get you started on training. Sign up for as little or as long as you like on a non-contract basis and pay no joining fee. All you have to do is bring your Tough Mudder registration email in, and we’ll do the rest. Hurry if you want to make the most of it, as these will only be available from April to October 2016.  Bring on the mud!  

What is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test your physical strength, mental grit and all-round badassery. Served with a (very) generous side order of mud, of course. Tough Mudder puts comradeship over the end result, so think of it not as a race but as a team challenge. If you fancy all that mud but only half the distance, then try the 5-mile Tough Mudder Half instead.

What are the Tough Mudder obstacles?

You don’t want to know. ‘Birth Canal’, ‘Electroshock Therapy’ and ‘Arctic Enema’… the names speak for themselves. Find out more here.

How should I train for Tough Mudder?

The best way to take on Tough Mudder is by training for it with the all-new Mudder Maker 2.0 class. Available exclusively at Virgin Active, this obstacle training class is designed to prepare members by mimicking the challenges of the event itself. 

How long is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course. Tough Mudder Half is a 5-mile obstacle course.

How tough is Tough?

It’s all in the name! Tough Mudder is a challenge and it’s something you’ll need to prepare for with training. Tough Mudder Half is more first-timer friendly, with only half the distance and no fire, ice or electricity. But you can still expect plenty of mud!

Where and when are the Tough Mudder events?

Tough Mudder & Tough Mudder Half events run from April to September throughout the UK. Dates and times can be found here.

How much does Tough Mudder cost?

Tough Mudder starts at £55 for an entry, while Tough Mudder Half starts at £35. The price increases the closer you get to the event date.

How many calories do I burn during a Tough Mudder event?

Put it this way, you’ll be knackered by the end of it. (We don’t actually know.)

What do I need to bring?

Your team, good shoes, a towel and a change of clothes. Prepare to get mega muddy! 

Why is Tough Mudder good for me?

Tough Mudder is heaps of fun. Get some mates together, get into a team and get ready to take on some seriously crazy obstacles. If you don’t mind getting muddy and you laugh in the face of a challenge, this is the event for you. There’s even something for the little ones! Mini Mudder is a one-mile course for 7-12 year olds.  

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