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The Mudder Maker

Think you're Tough enough to be a Mudder?

22 Apr 2015

Virgin Active and Tough Mudder announce first ever “Mudder Maker” class, helping you take on any obstacle

Virgin Active and Tough Mudder are excited to announce the launch of Mudder Maker – a brand-new and unique class designed using the combined expertise of Virgin Active’s fitness experts and Tough Mudder’s Chief of Tough, to create the ideal way to train for a Tough Mudder event or conquer life’s fitness obstacles.

Mudder Maker, available exclusively at Virgin Active Health clubs nationwide from May 2015, has been created for participants of all fitness levels. The 45 minute class re-defines obstacle training, putting participants through a circuit of eleven obstacles, designed to mimic the challenges of Tough Mudder events and improve fitness, stability, agility and strength.

Integral to the class will be Tough Mudder’s core value of team work. Participants will work in groups of 3 or 4, and choose an intensity level; advance (8 laps), intermediate (6 laps) or beginner (4 laps). They will take on nine obstacles before facing “The Eliminator” which consists of the “Centurion” – participants are challenged to do as many reps as possible on a designated body weight exercise such as a press up or burpee, and the “Gauntlet” – pushing the tackle shield-wearing instructor across the studio. All team members must cross the gauntlet for Mudder Maker to be complete. 

All class participants will be given a reward card, stamped after each session plus an additional stamp for any personal best’s achieved during The Eliminator. These stamps can then be redeemed for rewards such as Tough Mudder t-shirts and other rewards, to make sure that members are recognised as ‘Mudders in the making.

Mudder Maker’s eleven obstacles include…

Swamp crawl: a soft plyometric box that sinks and depresses slightly when jumped onto, increasing the challenge, aiding balance and stability

Electroshock therapy: a “shocking” game of hot potato, the ball gets passed between team mates, randomly emitting electric shocks when you catch it, to help with coordination and facing your fears

Horse power: two team members sit on the TiYR, while the other two drag it along using the battle rope. Don’t get too comfy… it’ll be time to swap in a minute

Drum runner: ZUU style moves with the added element of a water-filled drum, for example participants will bear crawl along the floor, sliding the drum with them to increase strength and stamina

James Trevorrow, Virgin Active’s National Product Innovation Manager, commented: “At Virgin Active we are always looking to discover a new challenge and conquer new obstacles. Our partnership with Tough Mudder to create Mudder Maker takes this to the next level. The class will not only test you physically and mentally, but will make you work as a team in order to complete it, making it perfect for those training for Tough Mudder, or simply for those wanting to discover something new and test their limits.”

Virgin Active is committed to innovation and discovery, and is continually searching out new ways to help members become and stay active. This year, they are encouraging members to continually discover new things and find ways to stay active whatever their level of activeness.

John Fidoe, Vice President of Marketing at Tough Mudder, commented: ”We are very excited about this partnership with Virgin Active and the addition of the new Mudder Maker class.  The class has been designed specifically with Mudders in mind and will give you a great base level of fitness to take on Tough Mudder, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned legionnaire. Most importantly, the class will be great fun and a good chance to meet fellow Mudders and prepare with your teammates in Virgin Active’s great surroundings.”

This exciting partnership was announced earlier in 2015, with Virgin Active becoming Tough Mudder’s exclusive health club partner in the UK, providing in-club training, online training plans, guest passes and lots of moral support to help participants conquer the ‘toughest event on the planet’.  

Alongside Mudder Maker, Tough Mudder participants can train for their event using Virgin Active’s new high-energy 30 minute class ‘Grid Active’. This functional training workout is based on an obstacle course, using plyometric boxes and weighted tyres, making it a great tool to physically and mentally prepare for the many obstacles that make up Tough Mudder.

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