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At Virgin Active, you’ll discover your very own world of fitness and wellbeing.

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or trekking to work, running with the kids, or sprinting for the bus – we’ve got a workout with your name on it.

Lose weight, burn calories, build muscle, build strength… you’ve heard it all before. Except this time, it’s different. This time it’s about you. With our expert training, innovative group classes and first class facilities at your disposal, we’ll help you plan the perfect workout to fit the life you lead. When it all gets too much (as it often does), revive yourself in our rejuvenating Spa, or dive into one of our crystal clear pools.

There’s no time for excuses. We want you ready when it matters most. Take your partner for a long walk, build a tree house for the kids or challenge your mates to a race in the ocean. Laugh harder, dance harder, breathe deeper. Win some, lose some, then pick yourself up and try it all over again. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Life is not a spectator sport, so whatever you’re into get stuck in. Because chances are, we’ll have a workout for that.

And if you join us today, you'll get the rest of the month on us!* Terms and conditions apply.