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Which Grip Sock is Right For Your Practice

Group exercise classes are everything we love – a great workout, a community of like-minded people, and, of course, some funky socks! More and more studio classes are requiring grip socks to be worn for the safety and hygiene all of us. If you’re new to the studio fitness environment, you might be wondering why you can’t just wear shoes or even go barefoot.

Firstly, your toes are constrained inside the structure of the shoe. The movements you perform inside the studio call on specific movement and flexibility of the feet that is more easily and more comfortably done sans shoes. Relevès in barre class, exercises on the Pilates reformer, or balancing in yoga – all are best when you can feel the ground beneath your toes.

Going barefoot may seem like a good solution. However, once you get moving, sweat happens. Your feet and toes no longer have a grip on the floor and equipment, causing you to slip and lose your form. Plus, did we mention your feet are bare and sweating? That means they are in direct contact with dirt and germs. So let’s face it, you’re better off wearing grip socks.

The best solution for your feet is also the most stylish. Grip socks not only keep you safe, they’re also a fashionable piece of must-have gear. ToeSox grip socks are the most technical grip socks you can wear. The five-toe design allows your feet and toes to perform naturally, as if they were naked. 

With so many grip sock styles, the question now is which ones do you get? Every grippy style will give you what you need for class so you can choose based on personal style and preference. If you’re looking for some guidance, we’ve chosen our picks for specific studio workouts.  

For Barre Class

The minimalistic design and ballet-inspired silhouette of Bellarina and Pliè Grip Socks make these perfect barre socks. Bellarina barre socks features a heel tab to cushion your Achilles for any leg stretches on the floor or barre. Pliè barre socks feature a leather pad that will comfort the ball mound of the foot as you rise and pulse in relevè.

For Pilates Class

The arch band that wraps your foot in Low Rise Pilates Socks cues your arches to engage while also supporting them for accurate movements. After all, Pilates is all about control.

For Yoga Class

From Bellarina to Scrunch Knee High, every grip sock style will send your feet straight to zen during yoga class. We love Half Toe yoga socks because they offer a more barefoot feeling while still providing optimal traction during each pose and transition.

Hear what our trainers have to say about them:

“I love to wear Toesox in my Reformer classes as they provide me and my students with the grip and support that we need whilst using the reformer bed.

The socks wash very well too and the difference they have made to my workout is second to none. 

Desta Smith

Group Exercise Manager & Personal Trainer at Virgin Active

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