Unlimited classes, all included in your membership.

From Reformer Pilates and Lift Club to Yoga and Strength and Conditioning. Enjoy the best classes in the best spaces.

our exercise experiences

reformer pilates

Improve your core strength and flexibility and become connected to your body in a new way with Reformer Pilates. Build on your strength and flexibility as you slide and glide your way through a core-engaging workout.

lift club

Squat, press, pull and deadlift your way to a noticeably stronger body focusing mainly on barbell compound movements and short, sharp conditioning work. Build your strength and develop your technique in our Lift Club class.


From finding alignment to going with the flow, restore your sense of calm and be at one in our yoga exercise experiences. Including our all new Sound Bath classes for ultimate relaxation.

strength and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is our signature high intensity workout. Leave it all on the floor or move at your own pace, it all counts towards feeling your best.

mat pilates

Find new ways of movement and perfect old ones with a blend of Pilates principles and functional movement. You’ll work on techniques that strengthen your core and increase mobility.


Jab and hook your way through our revamped high intensity boxing classes, designed to give all abilities a full body, sweaty workout.


Get lost in the music and move to the groove in Cycle Tempo. Jump in the saddle and choose the level that’s right for you in Cycle Foundations, or push the pedals further in Cycle Power.


Bring your dancing shoes (or your two left feet) and find the beat in our Dance classes. We’ll see you on the dancefloor.

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