The best classes in the best spaces. From Reformer Pilates to Athletic Training, all as part of your membership.

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grid training

Grid Training is our high intensity, interval programme designed to build strength, stability, stamina and team spirit.


Yoga for everyone (yes, you). Our classes focus on aligning and strengthening your body and restoring a sense of calm.


Burn off some steam as you KO the calories. Fast intense workouts meet balance, poise and core work.


Music, metrics and movement - find it all in a cycle class. If your thing is power, data or a party we’ll have something that’s right for you.


Find new ways of movement and perfect old ones with a blend of Pilates principles and functional movement.

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Each an expert in their area, our Virgin Activists love what they do and love helping you feel good.


Things you’ll want to do, places you’ll want to do them in and people you’ll want to do them with.

your new favourite class

Push it in Grid Training, groove in Cycle or let it go in Yoga, find your next class at one of our clubs.

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