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Forgo the demands of everyday life and gain a little perspective. When you take an hour out of a busy day to hit the mat you will ease a lot of tension for when you head back to the office.
Research in the Journal of Work and Stress found that lunch-break yoga significantly reduced work related anxieties and improved productivity. If you find yourself searching for a solution when you feel frazzled after spending a whole day at your desk, then a yoga class is the answer.
Just like your muscles, your brain needs time to recover in order to perform at its apex. After a solid day of working your mind will wander, motivation will falter and you can struggle to best use your time.
The mental clarity you get from even the simplest of yoga sessions ensures that when you do get back to work, your mind will be as flexible as you are.
Improve Your Posture
A day of tapping at your keyboard might not seem all that physically demanding. But the unnantural posture of being hunched over your desk can throw your whole body out of sync. By taking the time to do yoga you can realign your spine, shoulders, neck and start to ease any aches and pains.
Loosening tight joints and stretching tense muscles through yoga will help you find space in your limbs. So, when you inevitably do have to return to your desk, you are better set to sit without slumping and doing further damage.
Help with Digestion
Nothing hurts your digestion like sitting, stationary, forcing your stomach to work when effectively folded in two. But with the gentle motion and extra blood sent to your core through yoga, your body will deal with food, and detoxify, much better.
Try practices that involve stretching and twists in your stomach, like Hatha, which will ease any post-lunch pangs. With food and a little exercise, the rest of your day will be a breeze.
Boost your Mood
Yoga can be tranquil and quiet, but it’s also great fun too. Research from the institute of occupational health found that an hour of yoga a week improved the mental wellbeing of almost all who took part and increased their resilience to downturns in mood.
Try taking a friend, mixing up your routine, or just breaking up your day with something different. Yoga is bound to put a smile on your face whether you managed to touch your toes or not.
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