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12 Dec 2019 12:42PM by User Not Found

Want to know what our Grid Master Trainer is having for breakfast? We sat down with Paolo Gimenez to find out.


Why did you get into fitness?

It was personal. I was a fat kid. Once I found my results then I thought “well if I can do it, anyone else can do it”. From there it was more about being able to help people.

Why’s it important?

It’s about being able to function. As you get older the effects of your lifestyle are going to impact how you live and when you exercise you get all the benefits of hormones that induce happiness. In the literal sense, it keeps you sane, level and happy. On a spiritual level the routine gives structure and grounding.

Favourite way to train?

It’s changed. I used to dance – a lot. People don’t really know that. Dance was my first love. And I still try to dance. Now it’s lots of heavy lifting and explosive movements. I love my Olympic lifts. I try to hit those once a week. And squats.

What does rest day look like?

Not waking up at 7am and relaxing in bed. I don’t do any exercise. It’s complete rest, I don’t stress about anything to do with fitness or diet. 

Favourite move?

Definitely a snatch, and trying to get that perfect. I want to lift 100kg over my head and I’m so close but I never get it. It’s my elusive dream.

What would you be doing if not fitness?

I used to have a career in the airlines. I love travel. Either I would work for an airline, write a travel blog, or just be travelling.

Why should I try Grid Training?

It’s an opportunity to train differently but also smartly and intelligently. To not just smash your body with lifting heavy all the time and not just running on the treadmill. They’re both important aspects. But we put it into one program that allows you train all dimensions. To be with like-minded people who are interested in becoming healthier, fitter individuals.

What’s for lunch?

Lunch is always clean. If you asked me what’s for breakfast, it’s always croissants. Butter in your mouth, without putting butter in your mouth.

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