Yoga at home

3 Apr 2020 15:41PM by User Not Found
Yoga is the perfect tool to build a strong core and increase abdominal strength, as well as calm the mind and stretch out those muscles. Equally, as we age our flexibility and balance become more and more important too, inevitably helping us prevent injury and lengthen our muscles. 
When we regularly practise postures in set sequences (such as a Vinyasa flow ) we get to work the entire core from every single angle, which engages and fires the muscles in every movement. 
During this time that we are spending at home, here are five moves to practice and perfect with help from Virgin Active trainer Paolo Gimenez:  


Plank pose 

Yoga Plank

This stabilising core strengthener activates all the muscles in the core.

Boat pose 

Yoga Boat

Engages the deep abdominal muscles and challenges the strength and stamina of all the muscles in the core.

Chair pose 

Yoga Chair

Chair pose requires a great deal of stability through the core, a great deal of strength in the legs, and flexibility in the shoulder. All the core muscles are kept engaged as you hold the pose. Practicing this pose regularly can help develop an improved overall posture. 

Downward Dog 

Yoga Downward Dog

Downward Dog is the classic yoga posture to perform for a beginner. It stretches and strengthens the entire body, as well as bringing increased blood flow to the brain. 

Tree pose 

Yoga Tree

Tree pose is one of the more well-known balancing postures. Tree pose stretches the thighs, groins, torso, and shoulders and builds strength in the ankles and calves, as well as toning the abdominal muscles.


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