Benefits of online coaching

10 Apr 2020 10:15AM by Virgin Active

With everyone facing new and unexpected hurdles in our exercise routine – including having limited equipment, space and maybe even motivation – Virgin Active can now connect you with one of our Virgin Active Coaches for an initial 30-minute consultation, followed by weekly 15 minute one-on-one sessions over four weeks. Whether you’ve got equipment or not, our widely experienced Coaches will give you support, direction and a plan to help you reach your goals as well as advice on nutrition, from wherever you might be. 

  • Support, accountability and education
You are the person who can really make this happen, with expert guidance from your coach.

Your weekly coaching interactions will give you face-to-face support, the tools and the know-how to achieve your goals and sustain the results.

  • Improved mental well-being
Regular exercise is good for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, and improving mood, sleep quality, energy levels and mental alertness.

Your coaching plan will ensure you get a structured exercise plan with enough variety to ensure it is both regular and fun, so you have a plan you can stick with or work with.

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
As things are, we probably spend a bit more time sitting down and less time moving around. Challenging physical activity is also less accessible at home.

Your coaching sessions will not only set you physically challenging workouts, but you will also have structure to help you stay accountable for keeping active and improving your fitness. You will also get advice and guidance on how to do this outside of your workouts.

  • Improved body composition
Moving less and increased eating/drinking will have an impact on your body. Your exercise activity and non-exercise activity are probably lower than normal so you will be burning less throughout the day.

Your coaching plan will be designed to counter this by providing you with enough weekly activity and nutritional recommendations to help you control your calorie intake and manage body composition.

  • Maintenance or development of strength and muscle

Your coaching programme will include exercises to challenge your muscles and progress your strength. Your nutritional recommendations will support this.

  • Injury prevention
It is important to stay safe when you exercise as an injury can slow you down towards achieving your goals or, even worse, keep you from taking part in challenging physical activity for some time.
Your coaching interactions will establish safe exercise and proper technique so you can not only prevent injury but perform better and continue to work hard towards your goals. Exercises can be adapted or alternative exercises can be provided to ensure your programme is right for you.

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