Knee-in press

11 Apr 2020 10:01AM by User Not Found
Why incorporate a Knee In Press to your work out? 

To develop core control, strength and stability from your front line. Helps to prevent injury, and improve dynamic performance. 

When should it be incorporated to a work out? 

As part of a finisher, after your workout or as part of your warm up for compound lift. This also works great as part of a core or conditioning circuit so the exercise is very versatile. 

How can I incorporate this into my work out? 

Your lower back is key as we want to minimize back extension and hyper extension. Firstly, draw you belly button towards your spine and push your lower back against the floor. Try to maintain those at all times for better ab involvement. Start with legs together outstretched (only as low as you can maintain you lower back against the floor). As you breathe out, raise one knee in towards your sternum and press the weight up towards the ceiling. Squeeze into the press and hold briefly to feel the abs and arms engage. Control the body back down whilst breathing in and alternate the other knee on the next rep. If done slowly and controlled, reps can be from 10-15 per side, or for 30-60 sec if part of a circuit.

Knee Ins 1

Knee Ins 2
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