Turning Studio Flats into Workout Studios

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Home workout tips

By Emma Marie – Virgin Active Head of Reformer Pilates

Turning your home into a workout space and staying consistent is tough. Now more than ever, we have turned our homes into safe havens from the nasties outside – made even more comfortable with banana bread and Netflix.

We’re used to relaxing and unwinding in living rooms and bedrooms (my current gym) and rarely do we push our physical limits with burpees and push-ups. It’s hard to get motivated when your bed and sofa are calling your name.

Try some of these changes to transform your home into a gym – and back again.

Marie Kondo your floor

Find the part of your home that will give you the most room with minimal set-up time. No one wants to tidy up and workout, you’ll lose motivation and valuable time.

Earmark the space for exercise and keep it clear. Tidy away the rubble long before you intend to workout and set up your equipment so it’s within easy reach. Knowing that everything is ready to go beforehand will make it easier to get started.

Up the atmosphere

No one needs to be told that music can get you pumped, but a home workout is your chance to create your perfect playlist. Find the tunes that will get you going – dancing is a great warm-up.

Try separating your playlist into three sections. The first four or five songs should get you going, think uplifting and quick. The next should keep you going, something powerful and steady. And the last should cool you down slowly. You’ll recognise the rhythms of your own workout and know when to push it.

Try changing up the lighting too. If your living room is usually gently lit, crank things up and try to get as much natural light in as possible. The visual change will help keep things separate.

Life Admin

At the moment no one knows what day it is which is not helpful when trying to find routine. By planning your exercise for the week and writing it down you’ll fix it in your mind. Think of it like a meeting or a doctor’s appointment – something you’re unlikely to miss.

Try bringing a friend along for the ride and setting up a video call as you workout. That little bit of motivation and competition can keep you accountable and make the world of difference.

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