Pride Month 2021

7 Jun 2021 13:54PM by Virgin Active

It’s Pride Month and this June, we want to thank and celebrate all of our members and team who identify as LGBTQIA+. To recognise the history and successes of the wider community, we’ll be hosting a number of LGBTQIA+ workouts on Instagram Live this month and we hope to see you there! 

For Pride Month 2021, we spoke to a number of people in the business about what Pride means to them. Here’s what they had to say…

Q: What does Pride Month mean to you?

Yoga Activist, Char: Pride month recognises and celebrates that all-encompassing ‘love is love’ feeling. It reminds me of why I teach yoga, why I love my partner, my friends and myself.

Head of Membership, Kieran: Pride month for me is powerful and liberating. You feel like you've made this incredible discovery about yourself and you want to share it and be open and honest. It's about getting past the question of what's wrong with me, to knowing there's nothing wrong, that you were born this way. You're a normal person and you should be proud of who you are.   

Head of Membership, Liam: Pride to me is a reminder of all those that paved the way before us. They faced horrific backlash from society and fought for what they believed in. To me pride is about making sure we honour them by having fun and celebrating who we are and love who we love. 

Q: What does working for Virgin Active mean to you during Pride Month?

Yoga Activist, Char: This will be my first Pride with Virgin Active and I can’t wait to experience the celebration on scale with a big company.

Head of Membership, Kieran: Since starting with Virgin Active almost 6 years ago, the company's values have always been about inclusion and equal rights for all whether you are a member or team member. Promoting and living these values for our people and members holds huge importance to me.

Head of Membership, Liam: It reminds me that I work for a company who accepts me 100% for who I am and I’ve never felt like I needed to hide any part of myself or feel ashamed. 
We know that Pride Month is a time to love one another and fully embrace who you are. 

Q: We know that Pride Month is a time to love one another and fully embrace who you are. What do you do to keep your mind and body healthy? 

Yoga Activist, Char: Regular yoga practice and meditation along with walks in nature with my dog! Oh, plus dips in the ocean whenever I get a chance.

Head of Membership, Kieran: Swimming and running with my partner always keeps my mind healthy!

Head of Membership, Liam: I meditate and practise gratitude - you need to give back good energy in order to receive it. I also make sure that I take time to work out on my lunch breaks as well helps me to focus and centre myself and my feelings. 


Join us on 8 June and every Tuesday this month from 12pm for our LGBTQIA+ workouts with our Activists. Let’s go! 

Want to share just how important Pride Month is to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell us on social with the hashtag #VirginActivePride and don’t forget to tag us @virginactiveuk too! 

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