Adding swimming to your workout routine

1 Jul 2021 15:19PM by Virgin Active

Many of us will have had swimming lessons as children. Though swimming is a vital life skill and a sport loved by many, for a lot of adults, it’s no longer a regular workout.  

You might find yourself spending more time on the gym floor or in class than taking a dip in the pool. How you work out is your choice but it’s good to know that swimming is a great way of keeping your fitness going if you need to shake up gym routine or want to try something different. 

Why should I add swimming to my workout routine? 

Though hitting the gym or throwing moves in a Group Exercise class might be your preferred way to exercise, swimming provides an all-round workout that not only strengthens your body but also your mind.  

Cardio-based exercise in the pool pushes your body harder, improving your cardiovascular health (your lungs and heart) and toning your muscles.  

What’s more, swimming can greatly improve your mental wellbeing and help your body to relax. When you’re next in the pool, take time to be mindful of your movement and tune into your thoughts. 

How do I incorporate swimming into my training?  

Just like with anything new, start slowly and build up your swim sessions. You might just start with one 30 minute session each week and then slowly build it up to suit your normal routine.  

Alternatively, you could use swimming as a way to work out during recovery. Since your body is completely supported in the water, you’ll find less pressure on your joints and muscles meaning you can still train even when your body needs a bit of a rest.  

Swimming at Virgin Active 

At Virgin Active, you’ll find a pool at all of our clubs (except Virgin Active Walbrook) meaning it’s easy for you to make a splash wherever you are. Some of our clubs also offer adult swimming lessons to help you build your confidence in the water. (Visit your club page or ask a member of the team at Reception if this is available in your club.) 

With all this to offer, isn’t it time you made a splash? See you on the poolside.  
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