5 tips for feel-good workouts

26 Jul 2021 16:57PM by Kyle Murray - Exercise to Music Lead

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We all know the feeling of that post-workout high; when you’ve given it your all, your endorphins are flying and you’re on top of the world. Nothing beats that feeling.  

We want all your workouts to feel that good. It goes without saying that adding mindfulness into your workouts also makes you feel great on the inside and out. Here’s our 5 top tips for feel-good workouts... 

Remember why you’re doing it 

Ever had that sinking feeling when you’re alarm goes off, you don’t want to get out of bed and you can’t remember why you promised yourself you’d get that pre-work Group Exercise class in? Us too. One of the keys to having a feel-good workout is remembering your why.  

Why are you going to the gym? Why are you doing this particular class? The answer is usually to do with how good you know you’ll feel. 

For those early morning starts, trying stick a post-it note on your trainers or setting a reminder on your phone to encourage you to remember just how important this workout will be for you.  

Focus on exercise that makes you feel happy 

We can sometimes get stuck doing workouts because we’re used to them or because our workout plan told us to. But what about doing a workout for no other reason than because it makes you smile? That might mean going back to your favourite Group Exercise class or spending one of your workouts in the pool.  

Whatever it is, this week try doing one workout because you really, really want to.  

Try Yoga and mindful meditation 

A little Yoga and peaceful meditation can go a long way to balance out your day. Great for both body and mind, you’ll feel yourself become more calm and energised, not to mention feeling a good stretch in your muscles.  

Our Yoga Activist Char has created 3 distinct styles of Yoga to help you feel balanced from head to toe. Give Yoga Flow, Align and Calm a go on Online+ or in club.  

Make a note of how you feel

How often do you stop to really think about how exercise is making you feel? Do you know what workouts make you feel your happiest? What about the workouts that help you out when you’re having a bad day? 

Journalling is a great way of recording what activities you’ve done and how they make you feel. It’s also a great space for you to appreciate your body and reflect on your unique skills and abilities. Try it out on your next workout.  

Try something new 

With 2,500+ classes per week, there’s bound to be a new class for you to try on your next trip into club. Trying out new things is great for your brain and helps your body become more efficient for your next workout.  

Head into club or browse classes on our Virgin Active App to shake up your workouts.

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