How do I keep my workouts on track in winter?

3 Nov 2021 15:58PM by Dave - Boxing Activist


The clocks have gone back and now early mornings require an extra dose of motivation. Exercising in the winter can be hard with cold, dark and rainy days but that doesn’t mean your workouts have to suffer. Whether you’re looking for tips to keep your workouts going over the winter or wondering if now is a good time to start your workout routine, here’s how to keep your workouts going in the winter. 

Be clear on your why

Before you physically prepare your body for your workouts, you need to prepare your mind. Understanding your ‘why’ is key to success. What do you want to change or improve on and why?

Having a clear goal will keep you focused when you struggle to find motivation. It will also help if your goal is attainable or can be chunked into smaller goals that keep you going along the way. Some examples of what you might choose are: 

“I want to run my first 5k.” 
“I want to feel more energetic during the day.” 
“I want to unwind after a long day and exercise will help me de-stress.” 
“I want get a new weight-lifting personal best.”

Book a class

In the winter, outdoor workouts might be less accessible so bring your workouts indoors. At Virgin Active, across our 35+ clubs, you’ll be able to enjoy Grid Training, Yoga, Pilates, Punch and Cycle classes at a time that suits you. These classes are expertly designed by our Activists to give you a challenging workout that looks after both your body and your mind. That means your goals stay on track, whatever the weather. 

And, with online workouts at the tip of your fingers, keeping active will never be more than a tap away. Work out in our App. 

Treat yourself to some new workout gear 

When you feel your best, you’re ready to take on the day and investing in some new workout gear can help you get there. It isn’t all about fashion; making sure you have the right clothes and equipment for the winter will make your outdoor workouts more enjoyable. 

But, there is something special about wearing new sports gear even if you’re working out inside. 

Find unique opportunities to be active

While you might have a training plan in mind, using spontaneous opportunities to work out can make your exercise even more enjoyable. With Christmas around the corner, you might find yourself heading to an ice rink to show off your moves or put on your costume for a themed Santa Run. 

Bring a buddy

It’s often easier to work out when you have someone spurring you on. A workout buddy is a great way to keep your training going throughout the winter. Not only that, but with someone to help you push your limits, you may even find yourself getting stronger and fitter without realizing it. 

Got someone who wants to join Virgin Active? Refer them on our App. 

Don’t give up! Winter workouts may be a bit more challenging but they’re definitely worth it. 

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