4 ways to get more energy right now

8 Feb 2022 16:24PM by Virgin Active


So, it’s 3pm and the mid-afternoon slump is hitting you. But, rather than reaching for another coffee, did you know that there are other ways to boost your energy before you head for the caffeine? And, we’re not talking about getting more sleep tonight either. Here are 4 ways to boost your energy…right now! 

Get moving 

Finding time in your day to fit in a full 30 minute workout session can seem daunting but, to get more energy right now, you actually need to move for a lot less time than that. A 5 minute walk around your office, house or block can do you a world of good.

Even if you’re not able to add more minutes to your workout right now, keeping up a regular exercise habit actually decreases feelings of tiredness in the long run. Good job you’ve got your membership! 

Find an alternative caffeine

While caffeine can help alertness, overconsumption of caffeine can actually lead to insomnia and restlessness. For a more restful night’s sleep and to keep your energy boosted today, why not head for green tea. Green tea contains naturally occurring caffeine which will help you feel less tired but also keep you hydrated – which could be why you’re feeling tired in the first place. On that note…

Stay hydrated

You may be feeling tired because you’re actually dehydrated. Our bodies are made up of around 60% water which means it’s crucial that we properly hydrate ourselves. 

Top tip: try popping a few slices of lemon in your water. The smell of zingy citrus is thought to reduce your fatigue by boosting your feel-good hormones. Some people also prefer the taste of lemon water which means that they will naturally drink more than of it than unflavoured water. 

Grab a snack…or two!

Most of us will know the feeling of tiredness after a large meal. Eating smaller meals throughout the day can help you to regulate your blood sugar and, therefore, feel more energized. But, that doesn’t mean you should reach for the closest chocolate bar. Try fruits, nuts and wholegrains for a boost instead. 

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