5 Personal Training Myths: Debunked!

20 Apr 2022 11:20AM by Danny Dean - Head of Personal Training and Fitness


If the classic image of a Personal Trainer yelling at you over the music to “step up the pace” or “push yourself harder” puts you off trying a PT session, don’t stress! That's not how we do things at Virgin Active. Here are 5 Personal Training myths that will put your mind at ease about giving Personal Training a go.  

“I have to be fit” 

You may be thinking that in order to keep up with a Personal Trainer, you have to be exceptionally fit yourself. But the whole idea of a Personal Trainer is that they’re here to get you to whatever fitness level you feel comfortable achieving! It makes no difference whether you’ve barely set foot in a gym or are on track to being an Olympic athlete, Personal Training is catered around you and your goals. 

"Personal Trainers are ripped"

It may surprise you to know that not all Personal Trainers are shredded to the level you might expect. While it’s true that they’re passionate about the gym and working out, everyone’s body type is completely different so not all trainers and not all clients will walk out looking like an MMA fighter. Personal Trainers don’t focus on looks (not yours or theirs). They're focused more on how you feel physically and mentally after a session. They want you to walk out of your session feeling happy, because they know how good that feels!

"You have to eliminate carbs"

Carbs get a bad rep and, of course, certain foods in excess amounts aren’t great for you. However you do need carbs in order to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Personal Trainers may advise you to switch to wholegrain carb products which are healthier than foods such as white bread, however a protein-only diet is not recommended or even eaten by trainers themselves. They won’t expect you to eat healthily 24/7 (they don’t either) as different foods work well for different people, so you should eat whatever makes you feel great inside!  

"Trainers are demanding" 

Gone are the days of intense boot camp training sessions where instructors repeatedly drill you to push yourself. Personal Trainers look out for you and support your every need whether you need to take frequent breaks or feel like switching up your routine. There will be times where they’ll push you and you’ll probably hate those few excruciating minutes but they will never make you feel uncomfortable or in pain. 

"Personal Training is too expensive" 

There are different types of personal training plans you can choose from that fit around your work schedule and financial needs. Here at Virgin Active, you can even book a free 45 minute Kickstart session to test out personal training before committing! What's more, starting prices range from £30 - £60 per session. Find out more. 

 If these debunked myths excite you try out personal training, head down to your local Virgin Active club today and give it a go! 
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