6 easy, active games to play with your kids this summer

15 Aug 2022 10:00AM by Tina Coulson, Head of Family Activities at Virgin Active Clearview

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Keeping your kids active and busy during school holidays can be hard especially if you’re at work during the week. That’s why we asked Tina, our Head of Family Activities at Virgin Active Clearview for some fun and easy games you can play with your kids whether you’ve got an only child or a larger family. These 6 games are great both indoors and outdoors and can be played at any time too! The more the merrier, so bring along your family and friends too.

Red Light Green Light

This game can be played with any number of players and all you need is some space. Designate one player to be the light and line up on opposite ends of the area you’re playing in. The person who’s the light shouts ‘green light’ before turning their back to everyone. All players walk or run towards the light before hearing ‘red light’ called out. Players freeze on the spot and if the light catches someone moving, they start again. The first person to reach the light without getting caught becomes the next light. 

Wheelbarrow races

Similar to Red Light Green Light, this game can be played with as many players and all you need is some space! Create a start and finish line and get all players into pairs. One player forms a wheelbarrow by getting down on their hands while their partner holds them up by their legs. Everyone then races to the finish line. This game is great for coordination and is an exciting way to race or challenge your friends. 

Leap frog

Another playground favourite, leap frog introduces levels and jumps into races. Played in pairs again, one person bends down into a frog position while the other leaps over them before being down into the frog position. This is repeated until you reach the end of the finish line. 

Up and down

This game can be played with any number of players and all you need is a ball. Players all stand in a circle (the bigger the circle, the harder it gets) and throw the ball around to any player in the circle. Whoever drops the ball has to drop down to one knee until they catch the ball. If they drop the ball again, they go down on both knees, then one elbow, both elbows, down to their chin until they’re finally out of the game. 

Freeze tag

Freeze tag works best with lots of space, like in a park or playground. One person is the designated tagger and must run after other plays and tag them. If a player is tagged, they freeze on the spot until a different player tags them to get unfrozen. You can switch up which players are the taggers until everyone has had a turn. 

Obstacle courses

Obstacle courses can be built both indoors and outdoors and you can use whatever equipment or furniture you’ve got at home. Balls, chairs, buckets or bikes are some examples of what could be used in a circuit and this challenges your kids’ agility. You can get as creative as you want and join in with your kids to make it a family competition too. 

Tag us on Instagram if you play any of these games over the holidays with your kids, or if you have other favourites of your own! 

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