Tips for beating summer holiday boredom

22 Aug 2022 08:00AM by Martyn Hawkins, Head of Family Activities at Virgin Active Solihull


We’re nearing the end of the summer holidays and your kids say they’re getting bored being at home. Not to worry -this is perfectly normal! With the holidays being so long, it can be hard to find time to entertain your kids especially if you’re busy with work. We caught up with Martyn Hawkins, Head of Family Experience at Virgin Active Solihull for some tips on how to beat the holiday boredom. Check them out below…

Get creative using household items

Nearly anything can be used as a toy or part of a game. From using pots, pans and cutlery for a family band to digging through clean recycling for arts and crafts, you can get creative with your kids at home – it’s perfect for a rainy day or even  a super hot day!

Host sleepovers

If your kids live near their friends, bring them around for sleepovers. Time flies by really quickly and you can take it in turns with family friends to host at different houses. Get creative with films for movie marathons or activities for the sleepovers such as talent shows, baking or pizza making. 

Have a mix of solo and family time

It’s important to have a balance between spending time together as a family and having your own personal time and space. Enjoy doing your own things until a certain time and then arrange designated family time where you could go for a walk, watch a movie together or cook/bake. This will help your kids pick up doing things on their own too.

Keep active together

If you’ve got a day off work during the week, or don’t have many plans on weekends, you can get creative and keep active together! You could build your own obstacle course in the back garden using household items or toys. For example, dribble a ball around empty bottles or tins, or tightrope walk across some string placed on the ground. You could also work on some partner activities or workouts. Why not add in some family friendly competition with a kids vs adults game?


Don’t forget you can also bring your kids down to Virgin Active for a dip in the pool or Club V! Tag us on Instagram if you used any of these tips or have some of your own. 

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