It All Counts

5 Sep 2022 04:00AM by Nick Myler - UK Family Business Partner

Here at Virgin Active, no matter what workouts get you moving, it all counts. 

In the fitness industry, you don’t always hear that. Often, it’s about going harder and faster, being bigger and better. And, while we’re all about you achieving your goals, we believe that you should love what you do. Working out is sometimes hard but it should never be a chore. 

That’s why this month, as the nights get darker and we wave goodbye to summer, we’re focusing on making it all count. Whatever you can manage, whether that’s a 10-minute morning workout, a quick run around the block in your lunch break, playing with the kids or giving it everything you’ve got until you can do nothing but lay in a sweaty heap on the floor. Whatever you do, the fact that you’re doing it is the most important. 

It’s something we encourage our Virgin Active team members to do in their daily lives. We all know that fitting your workout into your day is not always the easiest but you can be clever about it. 

Dan is our Social Media Executive at Virgin Active Head Office and he says: 

“Getting up in the morning can be challenging so I like to do a quick ab workout to get the blood flowing first thing! It wakes me up and sets me up for the day.”

You’ll find workouts like that on our Instagram every Wednesday throughout September or on our App.

Or, maybe you’re more like Miriam, our Head of Family Activities at Virgin Active Swiss Cottage. She says: 

“I definitely get carried away with work throughout my day so a quick lunchtime Strength and Conditioning class is PERFECT for breaking up my day. It also gives me the boost of energy I need to finish strong!”

But, if you’re not quite feeling up to rounds of high-intensity exercise, you’re not alone.

Our Head of Operations at Virgin Active Fulham, Luke, takes things a little easier: 

“A quick swim before work helps to clear my mind and get me set for the day ahead. Or a few lengths before my commute home is a great refresher for the journey!”

To support you on your fitness journey and to keep you inspired, you’ll see plenty of new classes launching throughout our clubs this September. From Boxing to Yoga and Pilates to Strength and Conditioning. Alongside our other classes, including popular Cycle, there’s something for everyone.

So you can find a new thing to get stuck into or stick to what you love – whatever you choose, it all counts. 

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